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A core focus of Vital Surgical Technologies is to service the Veterinary, Grooming and Equestrian industries. We are a diverse surgical instrument repair, sharpening and retipping company, experienced in powered surgical instrument repair (Hall, Stryker, 3M, MicroAire, Synthes, Brasseler, Zimmer), sales of new, high-quality German-made surgical instruments.  Over 4 decades of technical knowledge and experience has enabled us to be the provider of choice nationwide.


Vital Surgical can also assist with small and large animal clipper blade sharpening, clipper repair, dental instrument repair, retipping and sharpening.   Our scissor sharpening expertise includes Metzenbaum, Mayo, Iris, Utility, Stevens Tenotomy, Strabismus, Ribbon, Littauer, Castroviejo, Sims, Cottle, Weitlaner, Senn, Volkman.


Other instruments we service include, biopsy forceps, nail nippers, nail splitters, pin cutters, bone holding forceps, tissue forceps, elevators, Adson tissue forceps, Backhaus clamps, osteotomes, needle holders, hemostatic forceps, retractor repair as well as orthopedic instruments.


We repair brands such as Webster, Olsen Hegar, Mayo Hegar, Halsey, Derf, Crilewood, Ryder, Gelpi.




We are the service provider of choice due to our high-quality repair work and 24-48 hour rapid turnaround for instrument sharpening!



Make & Model



-  5590 Sternal Saw II

-  A200 HS/LS Drill

-  A300 HS/LS Drill

-  C100 Driver

-  D200 Air Driver

-  G100 Maxi Driver II

-  K100 Mini Driver

-  K200 Mini Driver

-  L100 Maxi Driver

-  L200 Maxi Driver

-  P100 Driver

-  U100 Drill and Saw

-  U700 Drill and Saw



-  GD

-  GA

-  GB



-  Black Max

-  MicroMax



-  Air Drill



Below is a list of instruments that we service.  We also service all accessories and attachments. Call for pricing.

We are continually researching new instruments to increase our service offering. Please contact us if you have an instrument that is not listed here.

Make & Model



-  Air Drill



-  PneuMicro



-  26-500

-  26-600



-  5600



-  1365 Perforator Drill

-  1387 Hall II Drill

-  5020 MicroChoice

-  5052 Orthoair

-  5053 Micro 100

-  5056 Ototome

-  5057 Versipower Plus

-  5058 Surgairtome II

-  5059 Sternum Saw

-  5067 S4

-  5044 S3

-  5040 Micro E

-  5038 Osteon

-  5048 Versipower

-  7020 Ultra Power

Make & Model



-  1400

-  1600

-  2100

-  2296

-  260

-  277

-  278

-  296

-  297

-  4100

-  4200

-  5100

-  5400

-  6200



-  511

-  512



-   8801-01



Make & Model



-  1000

-  2000

-  4000

-  5000

-  6000

-  7100



-  Micro



-  Micro


Midas Rex:

-  Classic

-  Legend



-  Air Drill



-  M100



-  720000



-  6090



Quality and Accountability are among the most important aspects of our services.  We incorporate quality assurance protocol at each step of the repair process, not just in the final QC test.  Our repair process complies with GMP protocol.


  •     Test equipment is calibrated using standards published by NIST.
  •     NIST traceable test equipment.
  •     GMP compliant repair protocol.
  •     Custom parts are tested and validated by our engineer to ensure maximum performance as specified by OEM.
  •     Service Record with QC test parameters available upon request.
  •     As a part of our ongoing process to keep our Quality Control program in tune, we periodically update our technician's
        knowledge and skill, review our repair protocol, and calibrate our testing equipment.




Vital Surgical Technologies, Inc. offers the most generous warranty in the industry.


  •   6 months parts and labor warranty for all pneumatic powered instruments and accessories.
  •   3 months parts and labor warranty for all electric and battery-powered instruments.



  •         Warranty only applies to the specific repair performed.
  •         Abuse and improper handling of instrument will void all warranties.
  •         Listed below are some examples of abuse and improper handling:


    •  dropping of instrument
    •  immersion in fluid
    •  corrosion
    •  improper maintenance
    •  tampering with handpiece
    •  use of instrument for anything other than intended manufacturer's specifications


Please visit our maintenance section for recommendations on maintenance procedures.

All instruments returned under warranty will receive priority service.  Proper maintenance

will preserve the intended service lifespan of your instrument.


Powered Surgical Tools Repair, stryker, handpiece, surgairtome two


Below is a list of surgical  instruments that we sharpen.

We are continually researching new instruments to increase our service offering. Please contact us if you have an instrument that is not listed here.

  • Scissors
  • Serrated Scissors, Suture Scissors
  • Micro Scissors
  • Nail Nippers, Tissue Nippers, Cuticle Nippers
  • Orthodontic Wire Cutters, Ligature/Distal End
  • Rongeurs
  • Dermal Punches, Trephines
  • Pin Cutters, Bone Cutters
  • Surgical Rasps
  • Osteotomes, Medical
  • Forceps:  Dressing, Tissue, Hemostat, Extraction
  • Micro Forceps
  • Hooks, Picks
  • Needle Holders Align/Reserrate
  • Pliers:  Utility, Orthodontic, Removers, Bird Beak, Debonding
  • Aspirator Tips (repair & buff)
  • Retractors, alignment (parts not included)
  • Biopsy, Nasal, Adenoid Punches

20 or more sharpened surgical instruments shipped back at No Charge!

Veterinary tool sharpening


Powered instruments are precision instruments that require special handling by trained personnel. Strict adherence to maintenance procedures recommended by the manufacturer can prevent premature failure.


NOTE:  This is only a supplement to the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance guidelines.



  • Inspect handpiece and attachments for damage, corrosion and fluid.
  • Inspect air hose and cable for leaks and damage.
  • Inspect all safety mechanisms for handpiece.
  • Do not use if instrument runs while safety mode is on.
  • Test run the instrument with the attachment for 30 seconds.  If it has excessive noise and heat is detected, then do not use instrument.



  • Place instrument on a dry, open tray, avoid crowding with other instruments.
  • Do not use excessive force while cutting or drilling, this will damage gears and motor.
  • Minimize instrument exposure to fluids.  Fluids, such as saline, will accelerate the oxidation process.
  • Make sure safe mode is ON while not in use.
  • Avoid using reprocessed blades and burs.
  • Damaged blade and bur, usually undetectable, causes damage to gears and motor.
  • Monitor temperature at collet, luke warm is OK.


Immediately Following Procedure:

  • The handpiece should be in a horizontal position during transport to prevent fluids from entering.
  • Avoid crowding with other instruments.
  • To avoid contamination, place a moist towel with enzymatic cleaner over the instrument.
  • Wipe down the handpiece and air hose with enzymatic detergent.
  • Remove all attachments and bur, but not the hose or cable. While attached, the hose and cable act as a seal to prevent fluid from entering the handpiece.



  • Rinse the handpiece with warm running water (distilled preferred) while pointing the collet downward to prevent fluid from entering into the instrument.
  • Sterilize twice, as recommended by the manufacturer, to remove fluid.
  • Rinsing should remove all blood, fluids, and tissue build up.


          If accidentally immersed in fluid, take the following steps:


  • Immerse in distilled water to remove contamination and shake off excess water.
  • Sterilize as recommended by the manufacturer twice to remove fluid.
  • An immersed instrument most likely will fail. However, the above steps sometimes can restore the instrument to working order.



  • Use a mild enzymatic cleaner (neutral pH) with warm water and a sponge or towel to remove the remaining contaminants.
  • Do not use any acidic cleaner such as bleach, 409, ammonia, etc.  Acidic cleaners cause corrosion and severe pitting and WILL VOID ALL WARRANTIES.
  • Rinse the handpiece under warm running water (collet facing downward with the hose still attached).
  • Always use proper sterile techniques when handling instruments.



  • Prior to autoclaving, check functionality of the handpiece.
  • Check for air leaks from hose and handpiece.
  • Make sure the bur locks in properly. If you can pull the bur out with your hand while it is in the lock position then the handpiece will need to be serviced.
  • Run the handpiece for 30 seconds. If an inconsistent sound frequency and heat are detected, then the handpiece needs service.
  • Lubricate the instrument according to manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Do not lubricate an instrument that does not require lubrication, otherwise damage to the motor and bearing will occur.
  • Autoclave the instrument according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Make sure the drying cycle has been completed to ensure the complete removal of internal moisture. Any moisture left will lead to corrosion and pitting.
  • Allow the instrument to cool down at room temperature. Forced cooling will trap moisture inside the handpiece.



Our Surgical Power Tool Loaner Program is a courtesy to our customers at no charge.  While our loaner inventory is extensive, we continually make purchases to increase our inventory.  Please call (877) 437-7095 for more details and availability.


Loaner Policy


  •     Customer assumes all responsibility for the use of Vital Surgical loaner instrument.
  •     Cost of repair for damages will be assessed upon return of loaner.
  •     Loaner must be returned to our facility within 10 business days after receiving the   
        repaired instrument.  A late charge of $10.00 per day will apply thereafter.
  •     A $15.00 per day rental fee will apply if we do not receive a repair order for the
        loaned instrument.
  •     Customer is responsible for all shipping costs.
Surgairtome two repair Vital Surgical Technologiesl Instruments


Inquire with Vital Surgical for volume discounts and free shipping!

Call 1-877-437-7095


We are the service provider of choice due to our high-quality

repair work and 24-48 hour rapid turnaround for instrument sharpening!


  •  Standard Instrument Repair includes:  Sharpen/hone, debur, align/adjust, remove rust & pitting,
     ultrasonic cleaning, buff/polish & lubricate.
  •  Extensive Repair includes:  Parts replacement and machining.
  •  We sharpen a diverse line of products that may not be listed.  Inquire for pricing before shipping.







Regulatory Requirement . . .

  • Please sterilize all surgical instruments prior to shipping.
  • Please send all instruments in autoclave pouches
    as proof of sterilization.



Before You Ship . . .


Please carefully individually wrap each item and securely
place in a box to protect all items during shipping.



Ship To . . .


Vital Surgical Technologies

199 New Road, Suite 61 #194, Linwood, NJ 08221




Please call us before shipping at 1-877-437-7095 or email us

using our online form for more information.



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